Tuesday, December 30, 2008

top X

In the December issue of Real Groove magazine they put Take Me Home at the number ten spot for their Songs of the Year list. Thanks fellas.

Monday, December 15, 2008

whats in a name?

As we approach the mixing stage of the album I thought I'd let it officially be known, the second album is gonna be titled Bazooka Kid.

When doing interviews for Rookie Card there was three questions that I got over and over...

1."What does PNC stand for?"
2."Whats up with the dinosaur?"
3."Why Rookie Card?"

And with a title like this, I'm sure it will be more of the same. The answer... I don't really know. When I started writing and collecting the beats for it, I just had the word "bazooka" in my head. I just like the ridiculousness of a bazooka. It's like when Slick Rick is talking to Russell Simmons in The Show about how far will gangsta rap go, and he says "the next man will be like 'yo i carry a bazooka, what up...'". If I rap about shooting a shotgun, you'd think I'm an eatass wannabe, talk about shooting a bazooka, its just funny. And when you start an album or song or anything creative you want them to be like 'this is nuts!' and for it to hit people like an explosion to the grill. With NZ Hip-Hop being basically ignored by the mainstream, I think it's freed us up to do whatever we want, and be as stupid as we want to.

The more songs I did, the more I got an image of a kid running with a bazooka. No matter how wrong it is, a kid running with a gun is simultaneously crack up and reckless. Think Lil Ze' in City Of God. And that dichotomy is something I think can be found in my shit, and a lot of artists I look up to (Eminem, Luda). PN Whoa is playful and happy, but lyrically its all sex, drinking and dissing.

So as you can see by this semi abstract explanation, there is no concise reason for the title. But hopefully you can get some sort of understanding from my verbose attempt. Interviewers, please refer to this, it'll save us both a lot of time.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

don't tell your friends or I'll say your a slut

I already know this will be the drinking anthem when I go back to Palmy. Andy Samberg is the king of musical comedy right now.

i got keeeys, comin from overseeeas

Hit up the Alicia Hansen concert on Saturday, and it was the sheeit. It was the second time I've been to two concerts in a week at Vector (first being Timberlake and Lionel Richie, this time Kanye and Ms Keys), and the difference between the two crowds and atmosphere was extreme once again. No smashed 17 year olds throwing glow sticks, it was predominantly brown women rocking and swaying to the hits, one hand in the air church style. It fit, as Diary going into her rendition of Tender Love accompanied by Jermaine Paul AKA Josh Howard was somewhat religious for me and my better half. Only bad part was the obvious finger pointing and dedications to me personally... got a bit embarrassing after awhile.

In other news... my bad for not posting nada in a hot minute. Why the silence? I haven't really had shit to say. I could post everyday about how the lady at Subway puts cuccumber on my chicken fillet when I ask her not too, but I didn't want to bore you. Still hard at work with Evander Hollishort in the studio, trying to finish up this album. Haven't properly talked about the album title, so I'll drop a post on that later in the week. Also coming with my Top 40 Songs of the Year, so keep an eye out like Houston for that one.