Saturday, September 27, 2008


Real Groove editor Duncan Grieve wrote a wicked little review of Take Me Home on his blog over at The Wire. Peep it here.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thursday, September 4, 2008

PNC - "Take Me Home" feat. Mz J

Out of all my singles, this is the most comprehensive reflection of the shit I actually listen to, ha. Featuring supremely talented newcomer Mz J. Produced by the home Forty One. Pump ya fist like its 86' and enjoy.

PNC - Take Me Home feat. Mz J

Only available HERE on Amplifier right now. I'll post next week when its up on all the other digital sites. Worrrd.

YOUTUBE link if you wish to pass along in that manor too.

the tiki...ahh tui's

Vodafone NZ Music Award Nom's dropped today. Tour Of Dirty cohort Tiki is up for every award including Best Album, Best Solo Artist, Best Supporting Actor and Best Fight Scene. Good shit I reckons.

Pretty fair all round. I would of chucked Anika Moa Standing In This Fire or Ladyhawke Back Of The Van in the best song category, but thats just a personal thing. Thought the Nesian brotha's might get a look in with their chart topper Nesian 101 too. Ahh well, your all winners in my books! *tumbleweed*

The category I'm always perplexed with is Breakthrough Artist Of The Year. I think because I don't really understand the definition. I've always thought of it as dudes who came out of nowhere to succeed. Sort of a Rookie Of The Year situation. Tiki and Flight Of The Concords have undoubtedly had breakthrough years in various ways, but I knew who both of them were last century. Then you have someone like Young Sid, who was basically unknown to the mainstream last year, and now is the one of the most popular artist's within New Zealand youth. Ladyhawke and Gin I thought were shoe-ins, but ahh... no. I agree totally with Cut Off Your Hands though.
SIDENOTE: Cut Off Your Hands are good cunts. My boy Michael knew every single word to Lil Jon - Lovers & Friends at the MTV Snow Jam. THE man.

The Hip-Hop Album Of The Year category is tight as. Sid's album was ill, but Scribble is nominated for Best Overall Album too, so if he lost it would be kind of like when Dikembe Mutombo won Defensive Player Of The Year then didn't get in the All-Defensive Team. Just wouldn't make sense really.

Good luck to err'body. I'll be there for sure. Hopefully my man doesn't stop me from entering the after party for being "too intimidating" this year and I don't have to Andrew Mehrtens another gift bag.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

you got the juice now

CLICK HERE to sign up and vote for Find Me in the Best Hip-Hop Video category at the 8th Annual Juice TV Awards. Juice have always been good cunts and supported local music, so should be fun to once again party it up with the channel 62 click.

On another note, check this e-mail I got from my mate Barry in response to this nomination...

"I have voted, let it be known that PNC will now win this category of music... shortly thereafter he will retire at his peak to pursue his life long ambition of becoming NZ's foremost lounge singer... He will roam like the glamorous NZ Rodeo from Provincial city to small town to backwater community spreading the sound of sweet lounge... ladies everywhere will shower him with womens and in some towns mens undergarments... the velour tracksuit will make way for the micro-suede suit with crushed velvet lappels... it is not healthy for Sam to tame this inner turmoil for much longer... he must be allowed to live what he has been born to be... PN Lounge MC... let it be known.. the future of NZ music awaits...



Sounds like a plan.