Tuesday, February 26, 2008

gutter black freesteez

Outrageous Fortune
is my [Katt Williams]sheeeeeeiiiiit[/Katt Williams]. One day when mucking around at Peter Money's place I asked him if he could have a bash at flipping the theme music. He grabbed the now classic Hello Sailor "Gutter Black" song and..

So I felt I should do my part and drop some rap lyrics upon it. Word to the Munter.

Download:PNC & P-Money - Gutter Black freestyle

NB: The homie Truce Lee's song Strictly For The Westside uses this sample too, so go check that.


Glaciers of ice said...

Damn you got over 20,000 downloads on that joint! How'd you manage that? Bebo?

Slick-Van XL said...

yeah that shits ridiculous. I dont know whats goin on.