Wednesday, June 4, 2008

the pre-mix

Heres the original version of "Miss You".

PNC - Miss You (premix) DOWNLOAD

Jordan from Fire & Ice sent me this early on in the beat-sourcing process for Rookie Card. It was one of those joints where I instantly knew I wanted to use it and what I wanted it to be about, but (and all rappers know this struggle) the sample was a massive song, in this case being Brian McKnight's "Anytime". Suffice to say we got denied for the clearance and had to go back to the drawing board.

I hit up Chong Nee, the only dude I thought could do it justice, and he came up with another nice piano backdrop and the chorus. P-Money wasn't stoked on the remake, so me and 41 sat down and put in some what he called "bad boy shiny sounds" and in the end I thought it turned out as good if not better than the original.

This song was simultaneously the hardest and easiest song to write from Rookie Card. Hard because you never really want to bring all those feelings up again and confront them, easy because once pen hit pad the song basically wrote itself.


I Miss Cigarettes... said...

Aww, what a hit me straight in the heart kind of song! I lost my Grandmother earlier this year in March and I miss her so much, Really felt this one boy... No doubt. Rest In Peace to yours and mines, I better leave before i get too emotional lol! Love the joint. Peace!

Slick-Van XL said...

shot yo