Thursday, February 12, 2009

in the mix

shades in the studio, oh yeah

Been up in the studio for the last week mixing the sophmore effort Bazooka Kid with my man Evan. Thank the lawd that Pete hooked up the AC prior to us commencing, though sauna status still threatens come mid-afternoon.

Mixing an album is for the most part fun as hell, and occasionally an arduous process. Fun hearing the songs come to full fruition, arduous when some synth line isn't working and you and the engineer are stumped as to what to do. I'm loving how it's all turning out though.

Off to Oz today with my mates Dave, Pete and Vince to meet up with our other mates Q-Tip, Pharcyde and Wale for the Good Vibrations Festival. Should be a barrel of laughs.


douglas said...

i want that yurple rain font

Slick-Van XL said...

true, just get it off the interweb then my bro