Monday, April 6, 2009

PNC - Whats Up (produced by P-Money)

So everything for Bazooka Kid has now been locked down, and I felt it was time to share something with the people. The song is titled "Whats Up" and is produced by P-Money (who also lent his talents on the cuts). I thought it was the best track to give an idea of how the rest of the album is sounding.

The song itself is pretty self-explanatory, made up of comments I've got over the years from the fan club and lynch mob.

PNC - "Whats Up" (produced by P-Money)

Bazooka Kid is set in stone to drop early June. I'll be leaking a few more tracks before now and then, and of course there is the single and video "Tonight" that will drop next month. Yes yes y'all, everythings a go!

Feel free to spread the word.


Ben Walker said...

Mean song!! Really cool concept (those cuts are off the heez too)..stoked for the album..

dubsmith said...

Haha only 11 months after it was supposed to drop ;)

Props homie, looking forward to this

James said...

Hopefully June 1 is when it drops - they day I get back to NZ!

markwippy said...

this beat is tight, is that the album cover? im suprised you haven't put that other vid of yours up the one with zeisha.