Wednesday, April 16, 2008

beat kamp mu-zik

I spent the weekend over in the Gold Coast with the Beat Kamp crew. They were shooting the clip for their song "Rap Game remix" which features yours truely and a slew of other nz/oz hip-hop artists.

I first connected with MZRE when we did the second Hook Up Tour, both MC'ing for DJ Sirvere. Then in 2005 we did a song intended for the Sirpreme Team album (MZRE and A.T.P) which ended up on Adeez Presents BeatKamp Mixtape Vol 1. These dudes have been doing their thing on the Coast for a while, so it was cool to see them prepping their first official release for the masses.

Rhann kept the Henny flowin'. Me and Scotty jacked Kane and O-Dog's steez.

for my money, is the best producer from New Zealand at the moment. He's produced Savage's "Swing" (you may have heard of it??) and also has songs with everyone else on Dawn Raid and the Major Flavour's compilations. We spent Friday knockin' out a few songs and I dropped a verse on a track for Dirty Mob. Look for the homie Aaron to have multiple tracks on my sophmore effort. Yerrp!


D said...

Ha ha forget to mention you're losing streak at Nintendo Wii, eh?

Slick-Van XL said...

haha fuck i was corky at that game. No love for the lefty!