Tuesday, April 8, 2008

"Ruthless, cause its easy/ how I break ya bones thug..."

Heres some images from my new single/video Find Me.

The song features vocals from the legendary Chong Nee and his protege' Tolu. These two killed it on the hook, but this isn't an R&B song whatsoever, straight hardcore rap. One of those ones where the clean version sounds a bit ridiculous. It was produced by the massively talented but relatively unknown First Class.

We brought in Warren Green to do the clip, he did alot of the stuff for The Living Room and the X-Air specials. Photography wise, this guys amazing, so I'm Tim Duncan that this clip is gonna look ill (Tim Duncan = banking, ha, I'm coming with the new slang daily!).

I've decided to hold back on releasing the song early, so the first time you'll hear it is when the clips done. That should be in the next two weeks, maybe sooner, so keep a look out. Yes. Sir.

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