Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Behind The Music (part 2)

02: "Bazooka's Theme" (Produced by Forty One & Evan Short)
The original version of this song was to a different beat, which was produced by P-Money. We used the same sample that Stardust used for "Music Sounds Better With You", put some raw ass drums on it, and got Mz J and Awa from Nesians to sing on the hook. I liked the song, but with Stardust's track only 10 years old, and being such a worldwide smash, we thought we really were taking the piss. Unfortunately me and my constituents at the label didn't come to this conclusion till a week before the album deadline, leaving fuck all time for me to create something else, up to its predecessor's standard. To make it worse, I had my mind made up that the verses on this song had to be on the album, and at the start for the record to flow proper. So I went through all the beats that I hadn't used on my Itunes that had a similar tempo and vibe, and came up with this old Forty One demo he'd made back in 2007. It was a slightly slowed down 80's disco track, with some sinister synths added. Only thing is, I knew Nick had switched computers and lost a lot of his files, including this one, meaning we were gonna have to remake it from scratch. So, I sat down with Evan, and we layed out the basis of the track like Nick (Forty One) had it. We ended up adding a whole lot more to the original demo. Evan switched up the bassline sound, and put a few different synth lines in it, one which is more rave, one which is more Pet Shop Boys. I re-recorded the vocals, and rewrote the hook, just doing it myself this time. Those added elements gave the track a whole new life, and made it the most authentically retro track on the album.


Ruinz said...

i like the sound of it already.. june 2nd ison like donkey kong. wuuurrdd

$1 Pies said...

yeah this is getting me amped for the album.

any chance we'll hear the o.g version one day. sounds dope.

markwippy said...

man you gotta put a link up for the original version, please? i love p-money's stuff.