Thursday, May 21, 2009

Behind The Music (part 3)

03: "Find Me" featuring Chong Nee (produced by Chris Laupama)
Chris Laupama used to hit me up a lot to listen to his music online. Its hard to gauge the quality of peoples stuff when your listening to 96k streams on a Bebo page, so I didn't pay it too much attention. Then he somehow got my Hotmail email address, added me on MSN Messenger, and sent me a Mediafire link to a zip file of beats. I thought I should at least respect the dudes hustle, so I checked it and was impressed with how polished his sound was for a bedroom producer. None of the beats really suited what I was trying to do though, and were more on the Timbo-house craze of the time. I asked him if he had anything more "rap" and he made the "Find Me" beat that night. That's the main thing I like about working with new dudes, they have that hunger that can fade with artists that have been doing stuff for awhile.

That same week I went over to my boy Chong Nee's house for a classic wednesday night drinking session with him and his crew. After a few rum and cokes we started playing music we were working on, so I threw on that beat, and Neezy just starts singing "FIND ME!". It cracked me up, cause it was instantaneous, the beat had been playing for like 4 bars and he had the hook. We hooked up the mic and did a demo then and there, and a dude he was working with at the time, Tolu Faletolu, jumped on it (he's actually singing a lot of the hook aswell). Chong Nee is loud as hell though, and we were drunk recording it, so his takes were clipping like mad. When we went to do the proper recording Neezy wasn't in the country so we ended up having to use the demo vocals for his parts, that's why there's so much distortion and reverb on the chorus, we were trying to disguise it.

I really like how the track turned out, and I was stoked with the clip too. Only thing is, I wish I had done a remix. I wanted to get Mr Sicc on it, and Tiki had a verse for it that he rapped to me on the Tour Of Dirty that was mean, but it never eventuated. That would of been ill.


dubsmith said...

Get that remix done homie! Itunes bonus!!!!

Ruinz said...

id pay for that remix get the whole dirty clique on the son of bitch and tear it to bits...

Harris said...

Choice bro, shot for doing this.. love it.